Welcome to the ‘Cheeky Dad’ blog.


I’m Paul, a just turned 30 Chartered Quantity Surveyor based in South Wales. I’ve recently married my long time partner in crime, Katie and I’m a first time Dad to little Harri who is fast approaching his 1st Birthday!


In this blog, I hope to share my stories, adventures, experiences and failures of being a first time dad. In the hope that someone finds them mildly amusing. My other hope is that this blog proves there is no such a thing as the ‘Perfect’ parent. Its all about doing it your own way and finding out what works best for your own situation.

When I’m not up to my neck in baby s**t and baby wipes, you’ll usually find me doing something car or motorsport related. Whether that’ll be watching f1 on TV or competing in tarmac rallies up and down the country as a co-driver. If i’m not doing either of those, I’m usually annoying Katie with the latest classified pages full of competition cars for sale in the hope that one day I catch her in a good mood


If you’d like to get in touch, you can e-mail me at cheekydadblog@gmail.com


Thanks for reading