Topics that only ‘Parents’ Can Argue About

It’s a common theme in most relationships that the chores or the duties that everyone hates carrying out are shared amongst the Male and Female.

For example, ever since me and Mrs Cheeky got our own place, it’s been my responsibility to empty the bins and do the dishes whilst Mrs Cheeky usually takes care of the cooking and spider catching (Yes I’m a massive wimp!)

When Little H arrived on the scheme, I soon noticed that a few new duties had appeared on the list that neither of us wanted to take ownership of which has led to one or two standoffs in the past 17 months.

So here you have my list of topics that only a ‘Parent’ can grumble about.


The Nappy Change

Probably the one element of parenting I feared most as an expecting Parent.

We’ve all seen the videos of dads on facebook and youtube that are struggling to keep their lunch down whilst changing their kids and I thought I was bound to be like these guys, but in actual fact it’s not bad. You just kinda get on with it when it’s your own child.

This said, it still doesn’t stop me and ‘Mrs Cheeky’ occasionally coming to blows over whose turn it is to change the boy. Especially if we are out and about. I mean I do my fair share, but nobody enjoy’s scraping poo from under your finger nails right before your about to tuck into some food. It kinda kills the appetite.


Cleaning the Bottles

This one kind of appeared from nowhere and probably tops my list of annoying things you have to do as a parent. The repetitive process of washing out, cleaning, scrubbing, rinsing and sterilising bottles on a nightly basis soon starts to grate and before long you’re having full on pillow fights with the other half as to whose turn it is to do the bottles.

It’s one of those items you never really appreciate before becoming a parent.


The Night Feeds

Ohhhhh now were talking. The dreaded night feeds. After the dirty nappies, this was my biggest anxiety of parenting. I love my sleep and I don’t operate very well without a decent night’s kip. Well I never used to. I now think my body is used to operating on minimum shut eye. Oh and the countless cans of ‘Red Bull’ help.

I can guarantee that this will be the item most likely to cause standoffs in a relationship. Especially if like us, only one of you goes back to work.

Me and ‘Mrs Cheeky’ tend to take in turns now, so at least every other night you get a decent night’s sleep. I’m sure other parents have their own methods for dealing with this issue. I suppose it’s all about finding out what works for you. Especially in the beginning when you have night feeds to deal with. I don’t miss those.



Feeding, notably when you’re eating out is always an item we try to palm off on each other. It’s not that it’s a particularly difficult or unpleasant task. In fact, it’s quite fun at times but god it can take sooooo long. Which usually results in cold lunch for you. That’s fine if you’ve ordered a sandwich or a fresh salad. It’s not so pleasant when you’ve just ordered steak and chips! I mean who enjoys cold chips.

I think me and ‘Mrs Cheeky’ have resulted to calling shotgun on this one, but in reverse. First one to call gets to eat first and watch the other suffer. I’m sure there are more grown up ways of dealing with this one.


Keeping the Little Ones Entertained

We’ve all seen kids screaming and pulling tantrums in public and keeping little ones entertained when they are in that mood is hard work. There is no two ways about it.

You’ll usually find this is when the chocolate bribes are most likely to appear in an attempt to broker a deal of silence. I’m 99% sure negotiating Brexit would be easier at times than dealing with Little H when he’s in of those moods.

Before I was a parent, I’d see a screaming kid and think to myself ‘Why can’t the parents deal with the little shits’. Now, I look on in admiration of having to deal with such a situation. Just remember to stay strong. You’re not the only parent to be in this position, and you certainly won’t be the last.


Do you have a particular chore or task that gets passed around in your house? If so we’d love to hear about it. Drop us a comment below.


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