10 Facts About the Blogger #AllAboutMe

Firstly I’d like to start this post by apologising for the lack of activity on here as of late. 2017 seems to be in overdrive for me at the moment. Work is crazy and the little man’s just starting to find his walking legs so there’s no rest for the wicked.

Anyway on to the Post.

I’ve been nominated by both Daddy Poppins and One Hull of a Dad to take part in the #AllAboutMe series which involves the blogger divulging 10 things about yourself that people may not already know. So without any further delay, here is goes.

1. I Once Burnt My Finger On An Opel Fruit (Starburst)

Yes you have read that correctly. Between the ages of 10-16 I’d class myself as a pyromaniac but not in the bad sense where I’d go tearing around the streets setting fire to people’s worldly possessions. No, I was lucky in the fact that I spent almost every other weekend camping in the country side, which allowed me to perfect the art of camp fire building.

Of course with camp fires comes toasting marshmallows. Regrettably the night of this unfortunate accident, we’d forgotten to pick these up, so being a resourceful being I started to experiment with other available goodies which included the Opel Fruit. Well it turns out Opel Fruit turn into a gooey sticky tar like substance that burns the hell out of you when it comes into contact with your skin. Let this be a lesson to you!


2. I Once Broke my Wrist Skateboarding

Yep, I’d love to say it was trying to perfect my 900 vert ramp trick or a boneless kickflip to a board slide, but nope. I simply hit a stone in the road and flew through the air before landing on my wrist and snapping it in the process.

Totally Rad Man


3. I can Sail a Boat

Before I got into motorsport, my main hobby was sailing. Mainly dinghy sailing but I also crewed on a few yachts. The biggest being 40ft.


4. Me and Mrs Cheeky Went to the Same School

In fact, Me and Mrs Cheeky grew up about 200m from each other but we didn’t really know each other until one of my close friends introduced us on a night out about 9 years ago. In school I simply knew her as the one that didn’t smile. Things haven’t changed much.


5. It took Me 5 Times to Pass My Driving Theory Test

Awful I know. I passed the practical test first time. This means I can drive good but I can’t read the signs very well.


6. I have a Master’s Degree

I might come across as a tool most of the time, but there is a brain in there somewhere. I achieved a 2:1 in my undergraduate degree and a distinction in my Master’s Degree. Go Me!


7. I have a Tattoo

It’s that famous Welsh Train station tattoo’d on my old boy.

‘Rhyl’. It’s a lovely place 😉

No really it’s a Polynesian style design on the back on my right leg. I was always a bit of a good boy when I was younger, so it was my way of rebelling against the old duck. She wasn’t impressed.

8. I Once Flew to the Isle of Wight for Lunch.

My Godfather was a bit of a Hero to me. He loved flying. Whether that be jumping out of planes or flying them. Lucky the Isle of Wight trip was flying them.


9. I Had a Piece of Glass In My Knee for Years

When I was 18 I worked in a bar. One day a quick slip on a section of wet floor whilst holding a wine glass ended up in me stabbing myself in the knee with a shard of glass.

As I’m so solid (Yeah Right) I dusted myself off and carried on working. Little did I know that a few weeks later I’d end up at my local GP’s with an awful pain in my knee. It turned out that I’d lodged a piece of glass in my knee approx. 1cm long and the body was now trying to reject it.

It took about 5 years for it to finally work its way out. I’m sure I’ve still got it somewhere.


10. I Once Walked 54 miles Non-Stop for Charity

A college of mine thought this would be a cracking idea and signed us up. At the end of the day the event details said ‘Walk’. How hard could it be?

Well let me tell you. It was painful. The chafing was out of this world. At 3am, I was walking through Brecon Beacons National Park, with my trousers around me knees splitting my ass cheeks apart with my hands to air what can only be described as a hole of death!

When I finally got home, Mrs Cheeky described my mess of an ass as a scene out of ‘Embarrassing Bodies’

Anyway I competed the challenge in 22 hours.

That’s my 10 All About Me facts. I hope you enjoyed and you feel you know me more as a person. Maybe try to wipe point 10 from your imagination.

I nominate

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