Films – They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To

There is nothing better on a wet and windy winters day, than turning up the heating, lounging in your PJ’s and sitting down to enjoy a cracking film. Especially when you’re watching the films on one of the latest 4K TV’s Panasonic.

Ok, so the little man is not quite at the age where we can do this, but I’ve already mentally compiled a list of films I cannot wait to share with him when he’s a little older.

So here’s my list of 5 films I cannot wait to share with the little one.


First up, is everyone’s favourite boxer and step runner ‘Rocky’. Yes that’s right I’m an old school action film fan and I’m a massive fan of the Rocky series.

What’s not to love? The films contain Love, laughter, sadness and sorrow. Happy times, sad times, depression and elation. They literally have it all. They even contain a dog called butkus.

How they never had a cleaned up at the Oscars is beyond me.

Rocky 3 & 4 have to be my personal favourites and I’m sure that will have the purists raging but these are the two I grew up on. Constantly watching these on repeat via the households only VHS tape player.

I can even remember my mum taping over the start of Rocky 4 with Coronation Street. It was awful. I had to skip the first 30 minutes and start the film with Rocky driving like a mad man following Apollo’s death. RIP Apollo! We Love You!

This said the ‘Rocky’ Film series does come with one depressing draw back and that is ‘Rocky 5’. For the sake of post and in fact the rest of my life I will ignore the existence of the film and pretend that ‘Rocky’ left our screens during his triumphant victory in Russia.

I’m sure watching Rocky with the boy will please Mrs Cheeky no end, but did Rocky listen to Micky when he went into the ring with Clubber Lang. Did he HELL!!

Ding Ding!

Top Gun

Next on the list is the 80’s classic. Top Gun.

Come on, you haven’t lost that loving feeling have you? This film is a belter! Even I get excited watching the guys playing volleyball in that infamous scene.

Any film that includes characters called Ice Man, Goose, Maverick, Viper, Jester and Cougar is only ever going to be a major success in my eyes. It’s an action film wet dream. Fighter jets, fast cars, fast bikes, aircraft carriers. It literally has it all and anyone that does not shed a tear at the death of Goose is not human in my eyes.

Keep it above the ‘Hard Deck’ people.

Toy Story

As we are at number 3 I thought it was time I included a child appropriate film and what better choice than ‘Toy Story’.

Now I’ll admit, I did try to get Little H to watch this one over Christmas as it was on TV but I soon realised I was fighting a losing battle. This said it did raise a few laughs from him, so I’m hopefully that Toy Story will be a favourite of his.

I’m sure this will cost me a small fortune in figurines and costumes, but I’m happy with that. It’s a classic and unlike the most recent Disney films contains no annoying songs!

It will also give me someone to hold when ‘Lotso’ the bear comes on screen. That bear gives me the creeps.


As you all know I’m a car guy, so Disney Pixar’s film ‘Cars’ was always going to be on the list, especially as I’ve only seen the original Cars films.

This means we can watch ‘Cars 2’ and the upcoming ‘Cars 3’ together and it will be totally new film experience for both of us.

I’m sure he will love Lightning McQueen as he is already a big fan of his toy cars.

I also feel this car related film is a little more child friendly than Ryan Goslings ‘Drive’ or any of the ‘Fast and the Furious’ titles. Maybe this will give me some brownie points with Mrs Cheeky for my final film selection

Karate Kid

That’s right folks! The film every boy in the 80’s/90’s grew up on, Karate Kid! I don’t really know where to begin with this film. It’s just genius.

That shower curtain fancy dress is still an amazing idea.

I bet most of us still crack out the ‘Wax on, Wax off’ quote whilst washing the car. I know I do.

I’m still yet to catch a fly with chop sticks but I’ve made it my life goal to achieve this astonishing feat of skill.

Hopefully Little H does not try to re-create the wood splitting skills of the on screen characters like I used to try and emulate in the back garden. I seem to recall giving myself a rather large bump on the head whilst trying to head-butt a piece of slate in half. Welsh-slate is renowned the world over for being extremely tough and hardwearing and I can vouch for this first hand.

All of this and we haven’t even mentioned the ‘Crane’. Still to this day my go to move when Mrs Cheeky gets out of hand in the kitchen and starts to throw vegetables at me. What an ending! It’s just pure cheese!

As for that John Kreese, he reminds me of my boss.


In conclusion, my son is on a downward slope to guns and violence. Only joking. I grew up on these films and I’ve never had a speeding ticket let alone any violent behaviour.

In fact, I’m pretty sure id struggle to beat my way out a paper bag. I’d also take karate chopping wood over continuous renditions of ‘Let it Be’! As I’m sure many of you would.


If you’ve shared any old school classic films with your children, I’d love to hear how they went down?

They certainly don’t make them like they used to.


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