Techniquest, Cardiff Bay – Family Day Out

Finding places you can go to entertain the little ones at this time of year can be difficult. Especially when the weather is wet and windy and you’ve already been to the local soft play centre so often you know the staff on a first name basis.

Luckily for us, we only live a short drive away from Techniquest. A science discovery centre which houses over 160 interactive exhibits. Located next to Mermaid Quay in Cardiff Bay, Techniquest is easily accessible by Car, Bus or Train which makes it perfect for a family day out.

I hold fond memories of Techniquest as a kid. Running around the exhibits like a possessed demon trying to send things soaring into the sky, making shadows on walls and building dams. You’ll be glad to know you can still do all these things and more. Which is why it’s such a great place to visit. It truly is fun for all the family.

We recently took Little H along on a typically grey South Wales day and he loved it. Although only just over 1 years old, his attention never wavered from watching the older kids run around and interact with the exhibits. Who can blame him when the exhibits offer floating beach balls, giant swinging hooks and smoke whirlwinds.

He even got involved himself as plenty of the exhibits are suitable for younger children. Harri’s personal favourites were the ants, the ‘Kugel’ and the giant floor keyboard. Just like the one from the film ‘Big’. Mine and Mrs Cheeky favourite exhibit had to be shadow wall. I won’t go into detail with the shadows we imprinted on the wall, but thankfully they disappear within a couple of seconds.

One of the great advantages of Techniquest is its location. On entry you are issued with bright yellow wristband which allows you to come and go as you please all day. This means you can enjoy the exhibits. Wander into Mermaid Quay for a spot lunch in one of the many restaurants. Before returning for some more science based madness making it a true day out.

Although perfect for those horrible nasty days, the wet weather does increase visitor numbers. So if you’re not a fan of somebody else’s screaming kids then visit on a summer’s day. You’ll still have a great time and you can combine it with a nice stroll around the bay and ice cream afterwards. Perfect.

Something I wasn’t aware of before this most recent visit was the array of shows on offer. At the time of writing this article, they have show’s called ‘Yucky You’, ‘Star Tours’ and ‘Starman and His dog’ which all cover a range of science related topics.

The only slight downside of Techniquest for me is the admission price. Me and Mrs cheeky paid £7.50 each and Little H got in free as he’s under 4. This is ok if you’re planning on spending the whole day there, but as we only thought of Techniquest last minute we hadn’t really planned it that well. Therefore didn’t really make the most of the entry fee.

Nevertheless I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Techniquest to other parents. It truly is a fantastic facility and brings science to life in some many imaginative ways. We will certainly be going back.

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Note – We paid for our own entrance and all views are my own

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