Hello World!


hello-imageAs this is my first ever blog post, I thought I’d start by saying “HELLO WORLD”. In the hope that some of you inadvertently find your way here by mistake, and stick around long enough to read this crap.

You have stumbled upon my ‘Dad’ blog. My own little corner of the internet which I intend to use to document my adventures of being a dad.

Don’t expect hints and tips on what to cook the kids tonight, or even money saving ideas. As there are hundreds of thousands of ‘Dad’ blogs out there that meet this criteria. Who are put together by people that are far more qualified than me to assist with that type of stuff.

My blog I’m hoping will be a far more honest view of being a parent and the rollercoaster journey it takes you on. A journey that can be both infuriating and extremely satisfying at the same time.

Hopefully this will make for some entertaining reading, and if not at least writing this garbage, will have distracted me from the internet’s main use. PORN!! For at least five minutes.

I’m not a journalist by any stretch of imagination so bare with me if my writings a little clumsy in places. Hopefully this will improve over time.

If you’re still reading at this point, I personally want to thank you in the hope that you will return to read my future blogs.

Ta Ta for now



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